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Projects we are Passionate About to Support

Save a Childs heart logo

About Save a Child’s Heart

As long as children with rheumatic and congenital heart disease around the world continue to suffer without access to care, SACH will treat children, train medical professionals and raise the level of pediatric heart care worldwide, from our heart in Israel. From the children and parents with the courage to trust, to the doctors with courage to heal. Since 1995, SACH has treated over 5400 children. Approximately 50% of the children are from the Palestinian Authority and Gaza, Iraq, and Morocco, more than 40% are from Africa, and the remainder are from Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Americas. Treated, irrespective of religion, race or nationality. This is only possible because the medical team contributes by working as volunteers, which keeps the cost to the lowest possible. Saving lives and giving dignity to the poor in the world.

Springs of Hope logo

About Springs of Hope

At SOHF they live the radical beauty of transformation and restoration. These are not mere words from a dictionary, these are facts of life here amongst thousands of torn, worn out tents. People who are becoming whole having been broken by hate: the Yezidi. A people that have suffered so much all through the history. SOHF gives them hope, helps them to restore from the last genocide, and one day let these people have a life out of the many refugee camps that are their home now.

Broken lives don't mend overnight, which is why SOHF is there for the very long haul. Broken lives need patience, they require us to sit very quietly on the sidelines, no agenda, just to be, waiting for that moment when the process of healing is ready to begin and then to help with great wisdom and care. The passion of the staff of Yezidi and Muslim is to see them raised up and embracing their future. Be part of their journey from brokenness to leadership.

About Askim Wisikesi an artist

Askim Wisikesi, is a young artist, born in 1991 and raised in Zimbabwe, in the small town of Mutorashanga. Askim is the middle child of a creative family of five and decided to take sculpting as a career path and to excel in it. Art is to share thoughts and ideas. Therefore, Askim considers it an honour to have been able to exhibit internationally. He can now unpretentiously state that he is now considered to be a master carver with works in private collections all over the world.
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