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GREM PARTNERS LTD was founded 6.1.2021 by Aart van ’t Land.

Aart has served the Lely Group since 1997; 14 years in a number of functions in C-Level, mainly as Vice President of Dairy Equipment followed by 9 years as Director of Business Development. Lely is active in dairy farm automation. From 1987-1997 Director of Seed Potatoes at Meijer in Kruiningen, the Netherlands.

During his career, substantial experience was gained in (agricultural) commerce and strategy, most specifically in the dairy industry. Drawing on this experience, Aart is active as a mentor/coach for start-ups from the Technion BizTEC Student Accelerator (Haifa) as well as serving as a sounding board for several Israeli start-ups. Also serving as a member of the (advisory) Board of Directors for Akologic (Israel); Artex Barn Solutions LTD. (BC/Canada)

Aart’s many years of experience in this field have given him unique opportunities to travel and learn about all aspects of agricultural life around the world, from emerging markets in the very early stages to the most developed and sophisticated segments of the industry, as well as encounter a wide range of technologies. He served as an Expert Reviewer for EU (Horizon) projects. Aart holds a B.A in Agricultural Business Administration and followed training as a Supervisory Board Member.